Monday, January 11, 2010

Debrief Bridge Building Activity

GROUP 2    Class 106
Tan Hao Ming, Jake Wee,Ray Chow,Abu Ubaidah,Foo Ming Yong, Ong Ding Shan
Building Bridges Beyond Boundaries
Below: A half curled bridge
pastedGraphic.pdfOur group is Building a model of a curled bridge. Now, what is a curled bridge? A curled bridge is a movable bridge that curls up to allow water vehicles to pass through and at the same time allows pedestrians to cross pass obstacle/s. It is also an artifact .
Our group thought it was easy to make and thats why we chose to build it. But, oh! What a terrible mistake we made.
First, we cut out 8 pieces from corrugated board  and taped it up. Then, we found that the bridge hung too low and the foundation was too weak. After that, we put straws at the sides to support it. We sighed a sigh of sorrow when we found that it could not move as the straws were not very flexible.
After that, relief. We cut a new piece of corrugated board but this time, we only cut halfway. Then, we built two fixed pulleys on either side of the bridge and at last! Success. Decoration was the next thing on our mind. We did manage to decorate it but alas, it broke under its own weight overnight. One in a billion of a bridge, I think!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Amazing Race

1)Learning does not take place only at school. It takes place at any time, anywhere and everywhere that we go. So to ‘expand our learning networks’,we must observe our surroundings when we go to a place that is not familiar to us. 
   2)Making Use of what we observed 
               3)Remembering our

Together, it forms ‘OURS’. And thats what we will do. Make the place ‘ours’. (home)

2) It will help me by familiarizing the clementi province and will lessen the chance of getting lost. I would also know how to go to the SST’s permanent site and where else I can go to if I need to buy something.


Today, we did many fun things such as making a cheer, playing the game ‘All Aboard’ , a scavenger hunt for words and a game to create ‘lines’ using whatever we had with us. 
Making a cheer
We were all very hesitant on chipping in but I did anyway. The best part is, when I was teaching my class the cheer, they did not listen. I feel that when someone is talking to you, you should at least listen. Then at the cheer, they said  “One Zero one zero one zero six” instead of  “One Oh one oh one oh six, one oh one oh one oh six, one oh one oh one oh six, and the best class marching on”. That was definitely a bad flop for our class. 

All AboardScavenger Hunt 
For the game all aboard, the whole class was supposed to stand on two benches. This requires a lot of teamwork as 23 pupils had to fit onto two benches.dWe planned before doing anything and while on the benches, I felt as if I was practically flying.Five of my classmates were clinging onto me ‘for dear life.’  But the great news is, we did it. Planing does work after all!
Scavenger Hunt 
The scavenger hunt was to write down names of items that we could find in the school. I think the most innovative answer was the Nike shoes that my friend was wearing as it was only a temporary item in the school. A  job well done- I think!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Collage

These are my Digital Favorites.

Toa Payoh MRT Station and Bus Interchange

The first air-conditioned bus interchange in Singapore.
Toa Payoh MRT Station was the first MRT station in Singapore to be completed, topping out on August 5 1985, this makes it the first station with platform screen doors in the world. This station was among the first phase of MRT stations to be opened in Singapore in 1987.-Source Wikipedia the free encyclopedia

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My Primary School, First Toa Payoh Primary

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From my home to SST

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